Electronic Drug Testing Solution

MedScreens is a trusted partner of the most reliable and sophisticated electronic drug testing solution available.  Our fully integrated management solution is unparalleled.  It will drastically reduce the program administration burden on your staff!  We go beyond simply providing electronic results by providing a secure automated system that electronically links all steps in the testing process.  Imagine logging into your account and being empowered to control all aspects of the testing process from electronic donor scheduling, expired donor event and no show data, online management of results and testing reports right from your mobile device, tablet, Mac or PC.  We even offer an automated employee random drug testing program that can be fully integrated into your online account.  Regardless of the number of employees you test or the distance between them, our expansive collection site partner network ensures that you have the clinic coverage you need.  We have contracted with over 4000 service locations in the US that can perform specimen collections, breath alcohol tests and other medical services.  The possibilities are endless!  Call us today, and let us develop a strategical electronic drug and alcohol testing solution that is tailored for your company!

I. MyeScreen Overview:


MyeScreen is a secure, confidential and web based program provided to our customers to manage their entire hiring program online.  This state of the art software links you to each step in the employee screening process, and provides immediate access to your donors test results, status updates and other important information.  This combination of integrated paperless drug testing and web based result reporting is the perfect solution for simplified employee testing.  In addition to the ability to receive online results in real time Myescreen also provides you and your staff with the option to recieve fifteen minute negative results, paperless drug test collections at installed clinics for non-regulated donors, management of both regulated and non-regulated test events, online access to status updates, expired events and no show donor notifications and customized compliance statistical reports.  Experience the benefits of rapid paperless drug test results through MyeScreen our fully integrated management solution.  For more information on MyeScreen please contact us today!


II. Non-DOT Employers:

Would you like an integrated paperless employee solution that delivers automation, faster results and tools to regulate program compliance?  Change the way your hiring program is managed by going beyond just a web portal for results.  Non-DOT rapid drug tests are performed at our facility through a patented instrumental drug testing technology, the eCup and the eReader.  Negative results are securely reported to you on your confidential and secure MyeScreen.com account in less than 15 minutes allowing you to extend offers to candidates before they are lost to competition.  Designed around an electronic chain of custody form this solution reduces costs and administrative hassles by eliminating the dependence on paper forms.  This minimizes errors during the collection process, drives protocol consistency and links all process of the employee screening process by creating closed loop event for you to monitor online in real time.  With this increase viability of the hiring process you can make better and faster workforce decisions.  Our integrated workforce model eases the administrative burden of both government regulated testing and non-regulated testing.  Through MyeScreen you access to real time updates providing visibility to completed, expired or pending events as well as the status of all specimens.  This automated process is made possible through our ability to perform electronic protocol driven collections using a unique software suite and technology across all types of hiring programs with diverse needs and requirements.  We can provide you with a truly comprehensive solution for employee screening and program administration.  For more information on this unparalleled solution contact us today!


IV.DOT Employers:


Would you like an integrated electronic drug testing solution that delivers automation, faster drug testing results and tools to manage your regulated drug free workplace program?  Change the way your DOT program is manged by going beyond web based results.  Our automated solution for regulated programs electronically links all points in the drug testing process eliminating blind spots that occur in traditional models.  Web based DOT collection management and online reporting is being utilized by several of the largest DOT programs in the country.  Through MyeScreen DOT features you will benefit from online DOT event scheduling with tracking and status capabilities, expired event notification and donor no show data, collection and management of results including breath alcohol and instant DOT MIS reports and other statistical documents.  At our collection site collection professionals follow protocol driven software fully compliant with DOT regulations to ensure compliance during the collection process.  Imagine a DOT total program management tool that will improve compliance and ease the administrative burden of government regulated testing.  With this increased visibility of the employee testing process, you can make better faster and compliant decisions.  Across all types of DOT programs with diverse needs and compliance, we provide you with a truly comprehensive solution for DOT employee screening and program administration.  For more information on the unparalleled solution, please contact us today!


IV. Enterprise Random Program

Whether you are an organization that is large or small you want easy solutions.  That is especially true when it comes to the management and compliance of your employee random drug testing program.  With our web based system you can achieve simple, random, automated management services.

Small to Mid-Sized Companies

Our solution makes running and managing a random program affordable for small to mid-size companies by grouping employees from several small companies together to create a consortium.  By joining into a consortium with others, you will be able to take the burden off of you and your staff.  First your employee roster will be loaded into a pool with other company rosters to create a consortium.  Next random and impartial selections are made and automated selection notifications are sent directly to you.  These notifications are delivered to you through the user friendly web based program MyeScreen.com.  You can use the MyeScreen.com program to add newly hired employees, to track and monitor drug testing events in real time, to view the compliance status of your random drug testing program, to receive email reminders of required random tests, you can even use the online program to electronically schedule drug testing for new and selected employees.

Larger Companies

This innovative solution works for larger companies as well, for those with more than 50 employees the same features and benefits apply.  These companies are signed up in stand alone groups with their own pool of workers.  This solution will dramatically lighten the workload for your HR personnel eliminating the time consuming faxing and emailing to each manager.  Using this innovative tool is rather easy.  When a selection occurs the randoms inbox is automatically populated with new randomly selected employees.  The manager is then prompted to log in to MyeScreen and either schedule individual donors for a drug test or mark them unavailable.  If a manager marks a selected donor as unavailable they must indicate a reason.  All donors marked unavailable are forwarded to the responsible party for a final decision.  If an unavailable event is approved the random tool automatically assigns an alternate.  This alternate then appears in the MyeScreen.com inbox under the appropriate manager.  Each donor is individually scheduled for a random drug test via the MyeScreen.com scheduling tool.  This tool creates an ePassport complete with all the test event details for the donor to present to the testing site at the time of test.  This scheduling feature allows the scheduling manager and other responsible parties to monitor the entire drug screening process.  Configurable reminder and escalation emails are sent on predetermined dates to remind managers who have not yet completed their randoms.  You can easily track compliance and view on-demand reports and statistics through MyeScreen.com.  With this integrated real time process, you can track the status of each random pull and actively monitor each pulls compliance.  This saves time and money by ensuring the company does not over test wasting program money or under test causing compliance issues.  To learn more about all the benefits of our random drug testing enterprise solution or to enroll contact us today!        

V. Resources

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