Conquer Addiction with Rapid Detox

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When speaking of rehab the first thing that usually comes to mind is detox. Chills, sweats, headaches, vomiting, diarrhea and shakes are all symptoms of detox. Not to mention the emotional and mental affects detox has.  What if you had another option to skip all of the horrible symptoms of detox? Well now you do.

There is something called the Waismann Method. This professional and private facility performs what they like to call Rapid Detox. Rapid Detox is a safer and more humane way to detox. During Rapid Detox you are put under moderate anesthesia in the ICU of an accredited hospital, and are monitored by an board certified anesthesiologist and pain management specialist. The procedure lasts about 60-90 minutes. Every procedure performed, is tailored to each and every person individually. Patients who undergo Rapid Detox stay in the hospital after their procedure an average of 2-4 days. Waismann also offers an aftercare facility called Domus Retreat instead of the patient staying in a motel or hotel. Domus is private and the staff specializes in opiate addiction.

The price for the Waismann Rapid Detox and post care at Domus ranges from $15,800 to $22,800. This includes 5 to 10 days inpatient, private rooms, full professional care and supervision.  The Waismann Method has been practiced for over 15 years now with a very high success rate. Treating people from all over the world with customized care for each individual.